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Born in Hawaii in the summer of 1971, Lightning Bolt was created by legendary surfers and board shapers. Lightning Bolt Australia is bringing this iconic brand home with exclusively designed and custom-crafted Lightning Bolt Surfboards and Active Wear, available only in Australia.
What We Offer
Lightning Bolt’s products emphasise quality, utility, and styling true to it’s heritage and the surfing lifestyle of today.


Harness the given power of nature and draw the lines you have always imagined, unimpeded. Custom crafted Lightning Bolt Surfboards by master-shaper Murray Bourton.

Surf Gear

Lightning Bolt Australia is bringing this iconic brand home with exclusively designed Lightning Bolt Active Wear, available only in Australia.


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Lightning Bolt Australia 2021 Surfboard Range

By Master Board Shaper/Designer Murray Bourton

The 2021 range designed for Australia and New Zealand concentrates on designs for waves that inspire us to go surfing. The range is concise and aimed at delivering the most functional shapes for those who like to harness the given power of nature and draw the lines they have always imagined, unimpeded.

Twin Fin

Specialised for smaller wave conditions, the Lightning Bolt Twin Fin surfboard preserves some DNA from the halcyon days, combined with a mix of what we have learned since.


Dimensions: 5’8″ – 6’6″

Performance Swallow

It’s no secret the humble Performance Swallow Tail surfboard comes into its own in hollow power, and is a welcome inclusion in the Lightning Bolt surfboard range.


Dimensions: 5’8″ – 6’6″


Round Tail 5 Fin

The quest for one board to do it all, particularly for those who desire to travel light, will certainly give the Lightning Bolt Round Tail 5 Fin Surfboard a market.


Dimensions: 5’10” – 6’8″

Step Up Pin

The Lightning Bolt Step Up Rounded Pin surfboard is the model in the range that will deal with biggest waves that most day-to-day surfers will tackle.


Dimensions: 6’4″ – 7’0″

The Heritage Range

8.0 Heritage Pin Tail

Over the last 20 years the earlier designs shaped back in the 60’s and 70’s are still in demand by collectors and retro buffs. The Heritage range consists of only one design. It starts out as an 8ft Pin Tail traditionally pigmented, pin lined and polished. Customisation is again encouraged as well as the request for other types of board designs prominent in that era. Murray Bourton has a thorough understanding of the designs of this period and now offers custom Heritage surfboards.

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What Our Customers Say

Thanks to Murray Bourton – satisfying a perfectionist isn’t easy…it’s fantastic!

Lightning Bolt Australia Surfboards
Jonathan Joseph Coote
Custom 7'2" Pin Tail Surfboard

Yay awesome guys! So so stoked 🤙 Thank you so much Lighting Bolt Australia.

Lightning Bolt Australia Surfboards
Andy Yeates
Contest Winner - 6'2" Twin Fin Surfboard