Performance Swallow Tail Surfboard

Performance Swallow Tail Surfboard

It’s no secret the humble swallow tail comes into it’s own in hollow power, and it is for this reason the swallow is a welcome inclusion into the Lightning Bolt surfboard range.

The face cling of the uninterrupted straighter plan curve to the tip is not to be underestimated and takes the pressure off the centre fin at higher speeds.

Also contributing to this endeavour, the chopped out swallow decreases surface area in the critical area behind the fin, allowing the tail to sink through high speed turns giving one confidence when stabbing off the bottom.

The twin pins either side gives the rider an accurate location of where the very end of the board is, an essential if you want to do the mother of all bottom turns.

Wave Type

Wave Type: 3' - 6'


Rocker: Medium


Rail: Small Box


Fins: 3 Future Fins

Tail Shape

Tail Shape: Swallow


Dimensions: 5'8" - 6'6"

Performance Swallow TailThe performance swallow is called such since it is not too wide in the girth and tail as most swallow tail fishes.

It seems that the use of swallow tails in performance boards over the past two decades has been rare due, I think, to the heavy influence of the fashions dictated by the pro tour. However, the humble swallow tail is now making a comeback with many leading labels including the tail in their high performance ranges.

It is the claw and bite of the swallow that appeals to those who want to put maximum power into their bottom turns. “It’s not all about the top turn” is their collective mantra.

Performance Swallow TailWhat I have learned over the years, being a big fan of the swallow, is that since it has a straighter plan shape the last foot into the tail a designer needs to add a little more intensity in the last 6” out the tail.

This in effect goes close to equalling the pivot ability of the more popular rounded square tails; difference being the swallow has the ability to execute these turns with more power particularly at higher speeds.

Performance Swallow TailThe term boxy rail describes what this model sports on it perimeters.

The board is not that thick in the centre as some, but has a little more chunk in its rail shape to encourage those that like to put more power through their turns confident they will not over dig.

Performance Swallow TailThis high performance swallow has a high performance bottom shape to suit.

Sporting a 4.5mm single concave through the guts into an equally deep single double out the tail with a last minute flick in the rail creating a small release vee out the tips of the swallow serving as a last bit of relief from an oppressive concave regime that runs the full length of the board.

This bottom is super positive and needs to be bullied.

Performance Swallow TailLightning Bolt Australia offers 2 choices of finishes. All of the new 2021 range is PU foam laminated in the newest of epoxy resins. The Heritage range is Pu- Polyester with full pigment and polished finishes.

The glassing of this model is consistent with the whole Lightning Bolt range with the use of epoxy resins and double diagonal laminates.

Perhaps the only difference is the solid carbon swallows. This is done to protect the integrity of the sharpness of the tips.

Performance Swallow TailDIMENSIONS:

5’8” x 18 3/8 x 2 5/15 = 24.9 LTS
5’10” x 18 5/8 x 2 5/16 = 25.9
6’0” x 18 7/8 x 2 3/8 = 27.8 LTS
6’2” x 19 1/8 x 2 7/16 = 29.6 LTS
6’4” x 19 ¼ x 2 ½ = 31.6 LTS
6’6” x 19 3/8 x 2 9/16 = 33.7 LTS


As a point of difference and, more importantly, for superior strength and durability, the new Lightning Bolt surfboard range boasts a very different direction with laminating to the norm, which is already proving to tick all the boxes for what is required in today's need for the correct strength-to-weight ratios.

Epoxy PUFirst and foremost, all boards will be laminated with the latest superior epoxy resins that have a lot more nose to tail flexibility than the more brittle polyesters. Indeed, epoxy resins are mostly used on polystyrene foam since polyesters resin dissolve polystyrene or EPS which is the common name for it these days.

Not many people know that epoxy resins are quite at home with polyurethane foam as they are with polystyrene and we have found that, for reasons still unexplained, our polyurethane blanks are coming up a whisper lighter than those glassed in polyester.

The ability to absorb shock much better than the brittle polyesters is proving to be a game changer with this combination.

LaminatesThe shock factor is the well know culprit for boards snapping. Another technique exclusive to the new Lightning Bolt range is the diagonal weave process.

With all laminates laid diagonally the snap line that is usually directly rail to rail has to negotiate double weave rather than breaking in between the east west strands and only across the north south strands in a standard layup.

This whole combination of diagonal weaves and more flexible epoxy resins not only breathes life into the feel of the Bolts, but also adds to their life span.

Another feature we have stumbled upon is the noticeable difference in weight between the Pu and Epoxy laminates. We are still working on a theory for this, but it certainly exists.

Toe Patches & FinsAll boards will have inegra toe patches in order to structure up the rail edges in that last critical 12 inches of the tail.

All boards will use future fin boxes exclusively, simply because they are the strongest when it comes to fin base roll under pressure and there should be no shortage of this pressure if these boards are surfed in the type of waves they are meant for.

ArtworkAgain out of respect for the early Bolts the new stock models will be just as colourful and trimmed with a traditional pin line.

Surfboard Price Guide

All prices are ‘Starting From’ and include base spray and pin line, double diagonal laminates,
3 future fin boxes, air freight within Australia, and GST.

Board Size

Approx Guide Only:

Up to 6.8
6.9 – 7.5
7.6 – 8.6
8.7 – 9.6
8.0 Heritage

PU – Polyester with Polish

Starts From:


PU – Epoxy Sanded Finish

Starts From:


PU – Polyester with Polish

Starts From:

Up to 6.8 – $1095
6.9 – 7.5 – $1170
7.6 – 8.6 – $1265
8.7 – 9.6 – $1375
8.0 Heritage – $2000

PU – Epoxy Sanded Finish

Starts From:

Up to 6.8 – $1080
6.9 – 7.5 – $1190
7.6 – 8.6 – $1290
8.7 – 9.6 – $1550

What Our Customers Say

Thanks to Murray Bourton – satisfying a perfectionist isn’t easy…it’s fantastic!

Lightning Bolt Australia Surfboards
Jonathan Joseph Coote
Custom 7'2" Pin Tail Surfboard

Yay awesome guys! So so stoked 🤙 Thank you so much Lighting Bolt Australia.

Lightning Bolt Australia Surfboards
Andy Yeates
Contest Winner - 6'2" Twin Fin Surfboard

Surfboard Enquiry

Lightning Bolt surfboards do not have stock on hand. All boards have to be made on request. Stock sizes in our first 4 introductory designs are a guideline at best. Dialogue with official Lightning Bolt Australia designer/shaper Murray Bourton is encouraged, indeed as it was in the heady days when the Bolt brand was synonymous with the best waves and the best surfers in the world. To encourage this endeavour there is no extra charge to nut it out personally with Muzz.

Lightning Bolt Australia offers 2 choices of finishes. All of the new 2020 range is PU foam laminated in the newest of epoxy resins. The Heritage range is Pu- Polyester with full pigment and polished finishes.