Lightning Bolt Australia Surfboards

Out of respect for the long and deep cultural history of the Lightning Bolt surfboard brand and where it grew to prominence, the new Lightning Bolt Australia 2020 surfboard range will adhere to the principal of “good boards for good waves.

Lightning Bolt Australia 2021 Surfboard Range

By Master Board Shaper/Designer Murray Bourton

The 2021 range designed for Australia and New Zealand concentrates on designs for waves that inspire us to go surfing. The range is concise and aimed at delivering the most functional shapes for those who like to harness the given power of nature and draw the lines they have always imagined, unimpeded.

Twin Fin

Specialised for smaller wave conditions, the Lightning Bolt Twin Fin surfboard preserves some DNA from the halcyon days, combined with a mix of what we have learned since.


Dimensions: 5’8″ – 6’6″

Performance Swallow

It’s no secret the humble Performance Swallow Tail surfboard comes into its own in hollow power, and is a welcome inclusion in the Lightning Bolt surfboard range.


Dimensions: 5’8″ – 6’6″


Round Tail 5 Fin

The quest for one board to do it all, particularly for those who desire to travel light, will certainly give the Lightning Bolt Round Tail 5 Fin Surfboard a market.


Dimensions: 5’10” – 6’8″

Step Up Pin

The Lightning Bolt Step Up Rounded Pin surfboard is the model in the range that will deal with biggest waves that most day-to-day surfers will tackle.


Dimensions: 6’4″ – 7’0″

These model’s dimensions are a guide only. The need to customise is fully encouraged, as is the communication necessary to get things right for each individual.
The Heritage Range
8.0 Heritage Pin Tail

Over the last 20 years the earlier designs shaped back in the 60’s and 70’s are still in demand by collectors and retro buffs. The Heritage range consists of only one design. It starts out as an 8ft Pin Tail traditionally pigmented, pin lined and polished. Customisation is again encouraged as well as the request for other types of board designs prominent in that era. Murray Bourton has a thorough understanding of the designs of this period and now offers custom Heritage surfboards.

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As a point of difference and, more importantly, for superior strength and durability, the new Lightning Bolt surfboard range boasts a very different direction with laminating to the norm, which is already proving to tick all the boxes for what is required in today's need for the correct strength-to-weight ratios.

Epoxy PUFirst and foremost, all boards will be laminated with the latest superior epoxy resins that have a lot more nose to tail flexibility than the more brittle polyesters. Indeed, epoxy resins are mostly used on polystyrene foam since polyesters resin dissolve polystyrene or EPS which is the common name for it these days.

Not many people know that epoxy resins are quite at home with polyurethane foam as they are with polystyrene and we have found that, for reasons still unexplained, our polyurethane blanks are coming up a whisper lighter than those glassed in polyester.

The ability to absorb shock much better than the brittle polyesters is proving to be a game changer with this combination.

LaminatesThe shock factor is the well know culprit for boards snapping. Another technique exclusive to the new Lightning Bolt range is the diagonal weave process.

With all laminates laid diagonally the snap line that is usually directly rail to rail has to negotiate double weave rather than breaking in between the east west strands and only across the north south strands in a standard layup.

This whole combination of diagonal weaves and more flexible epoxy resins not only breathes life into the feel of the Bolts, but also adds to their life span.

Another feature we have stumbled upon is the noticeable difference in weight between the Pu and Epoxy laminates. We are still working on a theory for this, but it certainly exists.

Toe Patches & FinsAll boards will have inegra toe patches in order to structure up the rail edges in that last critical 12 inches of the tail.

All boards will use future fin boxes exclusively, simply because they are the strongest when it comes to fin base roll under pressure and there should be no shortage of this pressure if these boards are surfed in the type of waves they are meant for.

ArtworkAgain out of respect for the early Bolts the new stock models will be just as colourful and trimmed with a traditional pin line.

Surfboard Price Guide

All prices are ‘Starting From’ and include base spray and pin line, double diagonal laminates,
3 future fin boxes, air freight within Australia, and GST.

Board Size

Approx Guide Only:

Up to 6.8
6.9 – 7.5
7.6 – 8.6
8.7 – 9.6
8.0 Heritage

PU – Polyester with Polish

Starts From:



PU – Epoxy Sanded Finish

Starts From:


PU – Polyester with Polish

Starts From:

Up to 6.8 – $1095
6.9 – 7.5 – $1170
7.6 – 8.6 – $1265
8.7 – 9.6 – $1375
8.0 Heritage – $2000

PU – Epoxy Sanded Finish

Starts From:

Up to 6.8 – $1080
6.9 – 7.5 – $1190
7.6 – 8.6 – $1290
8.7 – 9.6 – $1550

What Our Customers Say

Thanks to Murray Bourton – satisfying a perfectionist isn’t easy…it’s fantastic!

Lightning Bolt Australia Surfboards
Jonathan Joseph Coote
Custom 7'2" Pin Tail Surfboard

Yay awesome guys! So so stoked 🤙 Thank you so much Lighting Bolt Australia.

Lightning Bolt Australia Surfboards
Andy Yeates
Contest Winner - 6'2" Twin Fin Surfboard

Surfboard Enquiry

Lightning Bolt surfboards do not have stock on hand. All boards have to be made on request. Stock sizes in our first 4 introductory designs are a guideline at best. Dialogue with official Lightning Bolt Australia designer/shaper Murray Bourton is encouraged, indeed as it was in the heady days when the Bolt brand was synonymous with the best waves and the best surfers in the world. To encourage this endeavour there is no extra charge to nut it out personally with Muzz.

Lightning Bolt Australia offers 2 choices of finishes. All of the new 2020 range is PU foam laminated in the newest of epoxy resins. The Heritage range is Pu- Polyester with full pigment and polished finishes.